Electronic Pets:

I have this notion of developing an Android Cat. This cat will live in your phone, and
will require that you take care of it. Like a real cat, it will let you know when you don't.

New song group-think:

I have friends that are quite good at writing songs. Many of these songs would be natural choices
for some of the more famous performers. The problem is getting the song to the performer, and convincing
that performer it is worth a look. This idea is about letting the general public vote on song/artist pairs
until enough votes are collected for a particular artist, at which time, the artist will be presented the data.


A new twist on Yelp. Using your smart phone, there are certain portions of a dining experience that can
be accurately measured and evaluated. By removing things of a subjective nature, and evaluating a dining
experience on quantifiable, measurable events, a true, and unbiased score can be achieved. Real, actionable
data can then be shared with the dining establishment, potentially resulting in discounts or other incentives.